Will Botox Injections Make Me Look Overdone?

June 8, 2017

You’re definitely interested in Botox injections – but you’re not interested in looking like your face has been frozen in an expression of shock.  Unfortunately, with so many media stories of men and women with these exact expressions, it’s no wonder many people think that Botox injections are a one-way ticket to Frozentown.

However, when performed correctly, Botox injections can lead to smoother, younger-looking skin, all without that frozen appearance.

The secret to a natural look is being more conservative with Botox injections.  Botox is injected by units.  A top Botox professional will inject a smaller amount of Botox into your desired treatment areas, then meet with you a week or so later to see how your results are settling in.  If you haven’t achieved your desired results, more Botox units can be injected until you’re happy with your appearance.

Botox works because it uses botulinum toxin to temporarily interrupt nerve signals between the brain and muscles at the injection site.  When these signals are blocked, the muscle becomes paralyzed and is prevented from making repetitive movements.  As a result, the skin smooths over and relieves the appearance of wrinkles and creases from frowning and furrowing the brow.  Botox is also an excellent solution for crow’s feet – those stubborn wrinkles around the eyes.

How much botox you need

If you’re concerned about looking overdone after Botox injections, make sure you share those thoughts with your Botox aesthetician.  That way, a more conservative approach can be taken. No matter what, results aren’t permanent – you’ll see the effects of Botox wear off after three to six months.

At Skin Cancer Specialists, P.C. & Aesthetic Center, our dermatologists are trained to deliver the most natural anti-aging results with Botox injections.  To learn more about our Botox expertise, schedule a consultation at Skin Cancer Specialists, P.C. & Aesthetic Center in Cartersville, GA today.

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