Is Sun Exposure the Only Cause of Skin Cancer?

May 29, 2017

When it comes to keeping yourself protected from skin cancer, you know that limiting unprotected sun exposure plays a crucial component.  After all, multiple studies have demonstrated a direct link between UV exposure and skin cancer. That’s why health experts tout the importance of wearing sunscreen whenever possible, regardless of whether it’s the winter or the middle of summer.

But is sun exposure the only cause of skin cancer?  Are there other contributing causes that you should be wary of?

As it turns out, sun exposure (or, more accurately, UV exposure) is still one of the main causes of skin cancer.  However, there are factors that can increase your likelihood of developing skin cancer.  These factors include:

  • Genetics: If there’s skin cancer in your family history, then your likelihood of developing skin cancer significantly increases.  This is especially true if your direct relatives (parents, siblings, grandparents) have ever been diagnosed with skin cancer.
  • Predisposition to moles: Individuals who frequently develop moles and freckles may be more prone to developing skin cancer. It’s important to keep track of all new moles and freckles, as well as mark any unusual changes in existing moles.
  • Skin color: People with light eyes and fairer skin are more likely to develop skin cancer; however, that doesn’t mean that individuals with darker skin are immune.  It’s important for individuals to protect themselves with sunscreen (anything above SPF 30) whenever going outside.

Individuals should also avoid any activities where they’re heavily exposed to UV rays, including tanning beds.  Multiple studies have attributed tanning beds to the rise of deadly skin cancers, especially in women under the age of 25.

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