How Long Do CoolSculpting Treatments Take?

May 8, 2017

Looking for the best way to slim down before summer is in full swing?

Unfortunately, diet and exercise can only go so far in terms of helping you look your best for beachside antics.  While following a healthy lifestyle is important, some people need a little extra push to slim down a stomach pooch or whittle their waistline.  But are there any body contouring treatments that work fast enough to get you ready for summer?

As it turns out, CoolSculpting is that solution – and best of all, it doesn’t require any invasive surgeries or incisions to help you slim down in time for summer fun!

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved fat reduction treatment that uses freezing energy to destroy stubborn fat cells beneath the dermis.  This innovative treatment is delivered via hand piece, which can be tailored based on the size of the treatment area (for example, CoolSculpting Mini is used to treat fat beneath the jawline, as well as armpit fat).

CoolSculpting treatments take about an hour per treatment area to administer.  Currently you can treat up to four treatment areas at a time, which would extend the treatment session to about four hours.

In terms of results, clients can expect to see noticeable fat reduction in as little as one month.  Clients should expect some swelling during the first couple of weeks; once the swelling has subsided, results start to show.  CoolSculpting reduces up to 21% of fat cells in a treatment area, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy significant body contouring!

At Skin Cancer Specialists, P.C. & Aesthetic Center, we use CoolSculpting treatments to help clients achieve more contoured results just in time for summer.  You can expect to see final results after two to three months; some clients may need more than one treatment to achieve their desired results.

Want to learn more about CoolSculpting? Schedule a consultation at Skin Cancer Specialists, P.C. & Aesthetic Center in Marietta today! Call 770-422-5557 or fill out the form on this page. 

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