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The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the world feels like it’s shedding its winter coat.  That means summer is just around the corner – the season of bathing suits, short shorts, and tank tops!

If the thought of exposing your skin – and unwanted hair – is making you feel more nervous than excited for the upcoming season, then it may be time to consider laser hair removal treatments at Skin Cancer Specialists, P.C. & Aesthetic Center.  At our Cartersville location, we use the LightSheer DUET laser by Lumenis to achieve the best hair removal results.

LightSheer differs from other laser hair removal treatments because they use vacuum assisted technology to help enhance your procedure results.  In other words, you’ll see hair removal results faster, just in time for the upcoming summer season!

During your treatment, the LightSheer HIT technology pulls skin closer to the applicator, bringing the unwanted hair follicles closer to the source of the laser energy.  Don’t worry, the procedure itself isn’t painful; the applicator uses ChillTip technology to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the entire process.

The number of laser hair removal treatments you’ll need largely depends on a number of factors, including:

Most clients can expect to have between 4 to 8 laser hair removal treatments; however, the final number will be determined by your laser hair removal technician.  It’s important to commit to the treatment regimen, as it’s designed to target your hair follicles during each growth stage.

This summer, break up with that annoying razor for good. Contact Skin Cancer Specialists, P.C. &  Aesthetic Center in Cartersville, GA to schedule your laser hair removal consultation!

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