Donna Soto Ackerson, A.C.L.P.

Licensed Aesthetician and Laser Practitioner

Donna Soto Ackerson, A.C.L.P.

Donna Soto Ackerson, A.C.L.P. is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician that has been in the field of aesthetics for over 20 years. She is a laser safety officer and a certified laser technician. She graduated from the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, holds an NCEA National Certification in Aesthetics, and is a Certified Aesthetic Consultant. She specializes in clinical skin care and cosmetic enhancement of the skin, and has extensive experience working with both men and women to improve pigmentation disorders, scars, acne, and sun damaged skin. Her experience working in dermatology and plastic surgery has allowed her to excel in customizing treatments and home care regimens for her patients.

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